Frisbee Thrower
Volleyball Game
Boy Throwing Basketball



Down in the South we love our football! In this unit, athletes will learn how to pull the flag, throw a spiral, catch, kick, punt, and play offense/defense. Creativity and ingenuity is developed as athletes get the opportunity to design plays and execute their ideas!

Ultimate Frisbee


There is something fun about throwing a UFO shaped disk farther than you thought possible. This unit will teach athletes how to throw the frisbee in more than five ways! Athletes work as a team by using newly learned skills and strategies to move the frisbee toward their touchdown!



BUMP, SET, SPIKE!! This unit will surely get your blood pumping!  Athletes will learn how to use their arms, hands, and legs to keep the ball in the air and over the net in 3 hits or less. This sport is super fun and will help develop hand-eye coordination to another level!



Jump, Shoot, annnnnd Swish!! During this unit, athletes will improve ball handling skills by dribbling, passing, and shooting.  Additionally, they will learn how to control the ball to cross over the defender! Athletes will develop resourcefulness as they work with their teammates.

Hockey Equipment
Tennis Racket
Baseball Glove
Cleats on Soccer Ball

Street Hockey


The best winter sport on ice! With this sport athletes will learn stick control and puck control. They will get to learn the Slap shot, the push pass, and more. The most exciting part is that they get to wear rollerblades!


Friday's Only

Gaining a lot of traction, with good reason, is Tennis! This racket sport is great to play at any age! Athletes get the chance develop hand eye coordination, speed and agility, how to strategically place the ball on the opponents court and increase the amount of rallying back and forth!



This American sport is one that will get your kids to say, "Plaaay Baaalll"! Athletes will learn how to grip and throw the baseball, batting stance at home plate and how to swing those home runs! They will become familiar with different positions and where to throw the ball to get an out.



Soccer is perfect for all ages! Athletes will be running and building their endurance without even realizing it! Learning how to dribble with the inside and outside of their feet, how to pass and receive the ball, how to shoot with their shoe laces and work as a team to score a goal are the skills this unit targets!


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